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Going Solar, the Easy Way

We’re commited to make the switch to solar as easy as possible. From your initial discussion with our Energy Consultant, to the day we power up your new solar system, we’ve got you covered.

The power is in your hands with solar

From locking in savings and increasing the value of your home, to helping the environment. It’s never been easier to go solar with LSCG Contractors. If you’re on the fence keep reading to fully understand the undeniable benefits of solar and start saving money today.

Real, locked in savings

Our customers average an annual savings between 20-30% off their current utility rates. Immediate annual savings are incredible enough, but multiply those out year after year and you’ve got long-term financial happiness.

Increased Home Value

Bottom line: We know homes and we care about the humans inside. It’s our mission to educate and enable homeowners with all the financial benefits that come with solar.

Roofing Contractor, Solar Panels, Roof Ventilation, Gutters /

Bonus: Save the Planet

Think Green

Save money while saving the environment - definitely a big step in the right direction.

Roofing Contractor, Solar Panels, Roof Ventilation, Gutters /


Get your roof replaced with the best roofing materials by your team of experienced Texas roofing contractors!

Roofing Contractor, Solar Panels, Roof Ventilation, Gutters /


Feed into the Grid and Save money on energy cost.

Roofing Contractor, Solar Panels, Roof Ventilation, Gutters /


We offer a wide variety of gutter colors to match your home and give you a durable, low-maintenance system.

Roofing Contractor, Solar Panels, Roof Ventilation, Gutters /


We have many attractive and high-quality options that are ideal for any window replacement.

LSCG Contractor's main focus is on Roofing but Solar is a great addition. We are a family owned business with exceptional values. We know how valuable your home is and we Understand the importance of a Good Job. When we schedule a job, we show up on time and our goal is to leave the job site as clean as it was when we got there.

We examine each roof top for any sign of shingle degeneration, gutter, turbine or flashing damage due to weather, weather and or wind.

We offer Solar Rebate and Insurance Claim information to help you get every benefit you are entitled to. Whether it is a new roof or damage control our goal is to provide you all of the components to get the job done, which could include, for examples, roofing materials, solar, turbines and or gutters. Thank you for your interest and if you would like to discuss your options more or schedule an appointment please contact Anthony at (469) 571-2003 or send us an email.

Our main office location is in Arlington although we offer roofing and solar services throughout the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

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