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We’re Proud to Be Your DFW Roofing Contractors of Choice

Roofing services offered by LSCG Contractors are designed to meet all your needs. Not only are our roofing contractors dedicated to their craft, we work with one of the top brands in the roofing industry – Owens Corning – to provide you with dependable roofing solutions. Here’s more about what we offer for roofing needs in the DFW Area.

We Provide a Variety of Solutions

When your repairs and maintenance extend below the roof, we save you money and time by providing multiple services. All American Roofing streamlines the process, offering the best in craftsmanship and materials in the following areas:

  •    Roof Replacement - A roofing replacement is inevitable for most homeowners. Putting off a roof replacement can lead to damage to both your roof and your home due to water infiltration. At LSCG Contractors, our certified crews help homeowners to protect their homes with cutting-edge products and superior craftsmanship.

  •    Roofing Repair - As professional roof repair contractors, LSCG Contractors can complete thorough repairs of your roof to fix damage and prevent further repair costs. Roofing damage will not only shorten the lifespan of your roof, it can compromise the health and safety of your home.

  •    Commercial Roofing - At LSCG Contractors, we know the importance of keeping your roof secure so your business and its assets are protected. Our crews are well-versed in the challenges that come with commercial roofing materials and offer full-service replacement and repairs. We are also here to make caring for your roof simple with roof maintenance services.

  •    Residential Roofing - Considering a roof replacement? It’s not always easy to know when a replacement is necessary. Fortunately, our experienced team can help. We’ll conduct a thorough assessment of your roof and recommend repairs or a replacement as necessary. We offer Owens Corning for residential roofing materials, brands that have been trusted for decades in the roofing industry.

  •    Roofing Inspection - At LSCG Contractors, our inspector will go over your roof with an experienced eye and even a 4K drone, allowing us to give you the most accurate assessment of your roof’s condition. During an assessment, we inspect the entire roof, including inside the attic, gutters, any vents, sealing, flashing, ventilation and more.

What We Do

We offer professional roofing, solar, gutters, windows & more. Our mission is to provide the most honest and ethical business practices to every homeowner we do work for.

We focus on customer service and give our complete attention to the details attending your project from the moment our sales staff takes your call until completion, when our production staff inspects the job to ensure our high standards have been met.

Roofing Contractor, Solar Panels, Roof Ventilation, Gutters /

Give Your Home a Face Lift

A New Look

If the purpose of the new roof is to give your home a completely different look, we provide samples of designer shingles and examples for you to review to determine which roof is right for the style of home you have. We install metal, asphalt and wood roofs, as well as a variety of other specialty materials. Siding and windows can change the appearance of a home while making it more efficient. By developing the knowledge, skills and certifications to offer these and other residential changes, we are prepared to meet all your needs.

Roofing Contractor, Solar Panels, Roof Ventilation, Gutters /


Get your roof replaced with the best roofing materials by your team of experienced Texas roofing contractors!

Roofing Contractor, Solar Panels, Roof Ventilation, Gutters /


Feed into the Grid and Save money on energy cost.

Roofing Contractor, Solar Panels, Roof Ventilation, Gutters /


We offer a wide variety of gutter colors to match your home and give you a durable, low-maintenance system.

Roofing Contractor, Solar Panels, Roof Ventilation, Gutters /


We have many attractive and high-quality options that are ideal for any window replacement.

Trustworthy Roofing in Arlington, Tx

Sometimes a roofing issue is not immediately obvious because there are no signs of a problem until the weather changes. Then, high utility bills or water stains can make damage to your roof’s integrity more easily identifiable. All American Roofing provides professional estimates on residential and commercial roofing in the DFW area. Our prompt service ensures that small roofing concerns never have the chance to develop into serious ones.

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